Our beer lineup at the brewery changes frequently! We may have different beers than what is listed available at the brewery. Please see our twitter feed and facebook page for the most up-to date-information
In Absentia American IPA 7.2% abv Brewed as a bigger alternative to our "Zelda" IPA, "in Absentia" features a lush body packed with pineapple, orange, passion fruit, and mango notes, with a touch of piney resin. A gentle bitterness supports the flavor of the five different hops used in in this beer. Laughter & Forgetting Blonde Biere De Garde 6.1% abv We began with a base of our favorite pilsner malts and a formidable dose of the beautiful Saaz hop from the Czech Republic, and fermented with an ale yeast from a classic French brewery. The resulting beer displays on exquisite balance of light, crackery malt flavors, subtle notes of honey and fruit, with the herbal, almost minty Saaz hop poking through at the end. Extended cold conditioning provides a smooth, rounded palate which further blurs the ine between Ale and Lager. Letters From Zelda American IPA 6.5% abv Our original American IPA! This beer features a lush, fruity body with notes of tangerine, grapefruit and melon, set upon a smooth, supportive malt base. Finishes clean and slightly sweet. Brewed with American and British 2-Row barleys, and hopped with five different hops, including a healthy dose of Amarillo.
Positively 11th Street American Pale Ale 5% abv Our signature dry-hopped American Pale Ale. The hop combination changes from batch to batch, but the tendency is toward big fruit flavors with some resin and spice, set upon a foundation of North American and British malts. Soft, slightly sweet body gives way to a quick, clean finish. Sauron's Nightlight Robust Porter 7.75% abv Dark and powerful, but with a much more pleasant disposition that its namesake, "Sauron" pours deep black with a tight, espresso-light foam. A rich, viscous body showcases complex flavors of cocoa, coffee, dark sugar and some dried fruit. Huge roasted flavors are complimented by a slight bittering charge of hops, lending a soft, clean finish. Throw Me the Idol American Double IPA 8.2% abv This sturdy IPA was built to showcase the wonderful El Dorado hop variety. The malts were selected to present a soft sweetness and lend a hazy deep gold color. Bristling with hoppy goodness, Idol includes 4 other hop varieties blended to add depth of character; orange pith, pine, blueberry, pineapple, and lemon flavors are prominent, with slight warming alcohol coming in at the finish.